Books by Paul

Ultimate Bartending

Learn the skills & techniques of the world's best bartenders & cocktail mixologists



From the back cover:


The bar industry's definitive guide to the skills and techniques required to become the ultimate bartender.


For mixologists of the highest calibre, mixing truly fantastic drinks is just the start. The world's very best bartenders interact on a more personal level with their customers and exhibit a sophisticated range of skills that deliver a truly memorable visitor experience..... [more]


101 Award-Winning Cocktails

From the world's best bartenders



From the back cover:


101 Award-Winning Cocktails is a truly unique offering for the cocktail book genre. Each recipe is an award-winning creation from one of the world's top cocktail mixologists, accompanied by the mixologist's profile, the story behind the creation of their recipe, the competition won and a 'from the horses mouth' guide to recreating their fabulous mixes.... [more]


World Encyclopaedia of Cocktails



From the back cover:


World Encyclopaedia of Cocktails is a many-faceted compendium of mixed drinks. Written and compiled by Paul Martin, a modern-day pioneer of the cocktail. It is designed to suit both domestic and professional use.... [more]


The Mammoth Book of Cocktails



From the back cover:


If you think a dry martini is just a glass of dry vermouth with some ice and a splash of lemonade, then this intoxicating collection of cocktails is just what you need to shape up. Here, from cocktail whiz Paul Martin, are his bar-room secrets, in easy to follow recipes for the cocktail virgin and connoisseur alike.... [more]


2500 Cocktails

The Definitive Guide to the Classic Recipes



From the back cover:


A collection of recipes from archetypal classics, such as the Dry Martini, Manhattan, Bloody Mary, Mint Julep and Strawberry Daiquiri, to later inventions such as the Caipirinha & Long Island Iced Tea. Also includes recipes for delicious non-alcoholic cocktails.... [more]