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Paul has worked with a broad range of clients from all sections of the drinks, bar and hospitality world. The following case studies provide an insight into the scale and quality of the work undertaken.

Rock The Bar

This course was original designed for the bar teams, but as a result of it's success, was subsequently delivered for the floor staff. Designed as part of the re-energising of the TGI Fridays brand after some years in the doldrums. We were contracted to provide the bar teams with the ‘soft-skills’ required to transform the customer experience making it a more memorable one. Accordingly, we developed a course that focussed on bartender/customer communication linked to advanced bartending skills whilst transforming the bar-team’s perception of their roles. The immediate impact of the course saw a 6-point rise in customer satisfaction ratings, achieving an all-time high within TGI’s.

Diageo 360

After many years of offering Bar Skills Training to the UK on-trade, Diageo decided that their 360 training course needed revamping and rejuvenation. Accordingly, Paul Martin worked on the re-development of the Diageo 360 training course. The old course was stripped back to its guiding philosophies of wanting to provide a set of bartending skills that will assist bars, clubs & hotels in getting the most from their staff, enabling them in turn to maximise their bar opportunities. A range of industry relevant bar skill training modules covering both the standard beer, wine and spirit/mixer training plus some basic level Mixology training, all interlaced with a range of knowledge and service skills was then introduced. Paul was then responsible for piloting the course for a 6 month period throughout the UK and thereafter up-skilling the Diageo training team so they could then take the course forward. Paul continues to work closely with Diageo on a range of projects.

Advanced Mixology Course

Subsequent to a $35 million refit, the Divan Hotel, Istanbul re-opened the doors to its 5 star hotel in September 2011. As part of the ‘rebirth’, Paul Martin was commissioned to create and deliver an advanced level Bar Skills & Mixology course designed to raise the standard of their bar offering to a ‘world-class’ level. The course covered advance level Mixology, mastering the classic drinks, introduction of contemporary techniques (molecular Mixology), improved communication skills and an additional focus on improving product knowledge.  In addition, Paul was commissioned to create and introduce a range of signature cocktails, advise on the compilation of the whiskey collection (including knowledge and taste training) and identify & up-skill two candidates to take on the roll of ‘Bar Mentor’.

Make It Special

The ‘Make It Special’ training programme was a long-term 10-year training campaign, offered by Coca Cola that began in 2007. Paul was contracted to work on the initial course content development, to subsequently pilot the course and then deliver the finalised course from roll-out. Thereafter, Paul was responsible for up-skilling the training team now charged with taking the project forward and has since been responsible for updating and re-piloting the course as relevant industry developments need to be reflected in the course material. Paul has also with Coca-Cola GB to help launch the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine in to the UK market.

Cocktail Ambassador Programme

This major High Street bar chain already had an established reputation for producing high standard cocktails. They were now looking to take the standards of their cocktails and the skills of their bartenders to a more advance level. The course was aimed at the top 20% of their bartenders with a view to developing their skills to the new required level. Paul was responsible for the development and delivery of the course which had a profound focus on classic and contemporary cocktails, garnish development, signature drink creation and maintaining professionalism while ‘under pressure’!

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