Cocktail Equipment Store

Welcome to our store. Please browse our selection of cocktail mixing equipment as personally tested and recommended by Paul Martin. Whether you are looking for great value equipment for occasional or low use, or are in the market for some 'top-end' heavy duty equipment that will stand up to the rigours of the busiest cocktail bar, we have something for you. Paul has identified the best items available for the most attractive prices and has provided the links below. Just click on any item and you will be taken straight to where you can make your purchase. In many cases including free delivery.


Entry level Boston Shaker tin & glass. Perfect for the home bartender or for light use in restaurants and bars that serve cocktails occasionally: £5.80

Professional quality Boston Shaker tin & glass by Tuf-Luv. Used by many mixology professionals and perfect for high use establishments. This one includes personalisation.. you can have your name or logo printed on the tin: £13.99

The 'top-of-the-range' WMF Loft 520 Professional Boston Shaker tin & glass. Perfect for 'full-on' professional use and for the cocktail mixologist that wants to make a statement: £33.50


The classic Bonzer Hawthorne Strainer. This much copied, high quality strainer is favoured by many of the cocktail world's legendary bartenders: £8.71

2-Pronged Professional Hawthorne Strainer by Beaumont. A more contemporary favourite with the 2 prongs providing more control and stability when straining: £7.85

Urban Bar's Rose Gold 2-Prong Hawthorne Strainer. Representing the current trend for aesthetics, this strainer is not just a 'pretty face'. Heavy duty for sustained use: £17.99

Bar Spoons

The classic Bonzer 250mm Bar Spoon. Sturdy contruction and tight twist makes for a spoon that will stand up to intense useage, aid layering and work efficiently when using the 'crush' disc: £7.99

280mm Luxe Lounge Bar Spoon by Kitchen Craft. Great value for money and a versatile spoon for general cocktail stirring and layering duties: £4.99

Rose Gold 300ml 'Teardrop' Bar Spoon by Urban Bar. This great looking spoon features the 'teardrop' tip in place of the traditional disc. This allows for faster controlled stirring by reducing friction between the spoon and the ice: £11.99


Entry level Luxe Lounge Bar Muddler from Kitchen Craft. Great for occassional or low use. Ergonomic design and easy to use: £2.99

'Mojito' muddler by Native Spring. High quality muddler with narrow muddling tip, ideal for muddling in longer narrow glasses. Durable nylon tip makes for longer life. A professional piece of equipment: £7.49

Thimble Measures/Jiggers

Double Ended Conical Jigger. Made from brushed stailess steel, this jigger has a 25ml and 50ml measure and is great value: £4.99

Triple set of EU stamped measures. Stainless steel in sizes of 25ml, 35ml & 50ml. Perfect for busy working bars: £10.94

Individual 25ml Stainless Steel Measure. The most common size for use in UK bars. Stamped as per EU regulations: £4.99

Complete Cocktail Kits

Entry level Cocktail Set. Great little kit for the beginner or home bartender. All the basics for making a range of cocktails. By no means heavy duty, but if you only mix cocktails on an occassional basis, this will last you for ages: £16.99

The Complete Cocktail Kit by Urban Bar. Of all the kits on the market this is by far my favourite. It contains a cross section of 'must have' pieces of equipment for the dedicated mixologist with all pieces of the highest quality. All contained in a well designed easy-to-access carry bag. This is a no-brainer for anyone looking to kit themselves out in a single stroke: £199.00


Pack of 5 medium-flow, stainless steel, spirit pourers. The most popular Tapor design as used by bars around the world, with poly-cork: £1.85

Mexican Elbow Lemon Squeezer from Eddingtons. High quality, sturdy construction, this makes the juicing of lemons and limes an instant and easy task. These transformed the cocktail industry when they were originally introduce: £7.27

The Chef'n Freshforce 'geared' lemon squeezer. If you still find the Mexican Elbow too demanding for your grip strength, or you need something even more effective at squeezing the last drop of juice from your fruit, this amazing device multiplies your squeeze strength with the use of adjustable gearing that has a hydraulic effect. Fantastic: £17.15