Fully Interactive Cocktail Experiences from the comfort of your own home

Learn to mix world-class cocktails from Paul Martin one of the world's most accomplished mixologists & bartender trainers

Have your very own bespoke cocktail mixology masterclass run for your team members, in the comfort of their homes!

Paul will create a 'menu' of contemporary popular cocktails and will take your team through the stories, history & anecdotes for each, before moving on to demonstrating how each of the cocktails is produced.



Your team members can then mix along with Paul, live online, creating their own versions of these world-standard cocktails alongside each other.


Sessions run for either 60 or 90 minutes and include opportunities for your team to throw questions at Paul along the way.


And.... you have two options


Option 1: We can also send each of your team members a hamper including all the ingredients that they'll require along with a 5-piece cocktail mixing kit.


Option 2: You can choose for us to run the session and let your team members to sort their own ingredients.


We're happy to quote you for either :)


For more information on what an interactive online cocktail experience could look like for your company, email us here or use our contact form below