The ultimate bespoke gift for the peron who has everything!



Something that immortalises that special occasion?


Whether it’s a partner, spouse, friend or colleague, nothing quite matches the impression of presenting them with their own…..



Have a unique cocktail invented for and named after the person you choose by multi award winning cocktail mixologist Paul Martin.


The cocktail will be FULLY PERSONALISED for the person it is intended for with the ingredients linked to personal preferences and key lifetime experiences (more below). An official commemorative certificate will be created and you can even arrange for Paul to come and mix and present the cocktail for you live at your party or event (or live online or with an on-demand personalised video) .


After years of creating award winning cocktails for some of the world’s most famous alcoholic brands, product launches, events and occasions, this is a genuinely unique opportunity to have one of the most renowned global mixologists create your very own unique cocktail gift.

"By far the most entertaining and fun gift I have ever received. If you want to give something really memorable, Paul's the guy"

ANDREW MASTERS (40th Birthday Gift from partner)

How It Works


As part of the creation process, Paul acquires as much relevant information about the intended recipient to allow him to develop a recipe that will reflect that persons tastes, personality and character.


The cocktail is then titled by creating an anagram from the recipients name. Examples are the VT’s Nice Pop Gin cocktail created for Vincent James Topping and the Jail or Ecstasy cocktail developed for Jessica Taylor.


Finally, a presentation certificate is produced incorporationg a photograph of the cocktail, the cocktail name, ingredients and method of mixing plus a line to commemorate the occasion for which it has been invented. The certificate is signed and dated by Paul.


Finally, there are options to have Paul present and demonstrate the cocktail during a live broadcast link, make an accompanying demonstration video or create it live at your event or party, (Covid restrictions permitting)!

How do I find out more?


Simple! Drop me a line at or fill in my contact form here and I'll get back to you with further information. I'm absolutely happy to provide all the info you require without any expectation or obligation, so feel free to reach out :)