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The vast majority of hospitality & bartender courses & workshops that we run are designed bespoke to match our client's brief. We specialise in covering all aspects of delivering amazing service experiences, for all sections of the hospitality industry. Additionally, we design and run a plethora of 'people interaction' courses (service, sales, leadership) for a range of industries outside of the hospitality world too.

 'Off-the-shelf' bartending, mixology & service courses


For those looking for some quick solutions

Introduction to Cocktails

A great bartender training course for people new to bartending or with little or no experience of producing professional cocktails. They will be introduced to the full range of cocktail mixing equipment and then instructed in the key cocktail mixing techniques and methods. Having achieved a command of the techniques, delegates will start to apply their newly aquired skills as they learn to mix a collection of 'must know' cocktails drawn from the most popular cocktails being served around the world today. The goal is for delegates to end the course with the skills required to produce a range of contemporary and classic cocktails to a high standard, with the required confidence and foundations on which to build their skills further.

Intermediate Cocktail Bartending

This bartender training course is designed to take bartenders with basic cocktail experience of up to 2 years and help them to move to the next level. In addition to working on the production of more sophisticated cocktail recipes and techniques, the course is designed to work further on delegates abilities to produce great drinks, with great service and style. The course also includes elements of product knowledge to help understand taste profiling, improve recommendation abilities and encourage a deeper passion for individual cocktail creation. The goal is for delegates to gain an improved level of confidence, a desire to showcase their new skills and deeper understanding of cocktail mixology. This in turn contributes towards an exceptional customer experience.

Advanced Level Cocktail Masterclass

The Advanced Level Cocktail Masterclass is one of our top level cocktail courses for 'serious' mixologists that are looking to polish their skills further, improve their product knowledge, deliver an unrivaled customer experience and produce a very broad range of world class cocktails. By the end of this course, delegates will understand the production methods of all major spirits and liqueurs and accordingly be able to recommend or use with confidence and skill. They will also be able to produce a cocktail of any genre based on any selected spirit at a  world class standard. Finally, they will have a broad command of all the main classic cocktails and an ability to create world-class versions of each.

The Awesome Service Workshop

We often make the point that producing great drinks is simply not good enough if your customer service standards are poor. In fact, the consumer has very high standards in terms of what levels of service they expect. The truth is that in most cases what they experience falls well short of their expectations. With our Awesome Service Workshop, we expand traditional bartender training to provide delegates with the skills to exceed customer expectations every time. Here we introduce our delegates to a completely relevant set of social and communication skills that allow them to read, understand and respond to their customers with confidence & empathy whilst building rapport. We get them to look past the mechanics of simply 'doing' a good job and get them to start projecting it through their actions and attitude.

Product Knowledge, Recommendation & Sales Skills

It is a sad fact that most bartenders and floor staff possess very little knowledge of the products they sell. As a result, this leaves them completely impotent if you were hoping that they could be proactive in terms of service, sales and customer interaction. With our Product Knowledge, Recommendation & Sales Skills bartender training course, we give our delegates a strong grounding in spirit & liqueur production, flavour comparisons, mixology variations and matching to customer's preferences. We then look at ways in which bartenders can seemlessly use this information to significantly enhance the customer experience, recommend drinks that would otherwise have remained a mystery to the customer and upsell where appropriate. As a result, these actions further embelish the customer's sense of value. These key elements of becoming a proactive bartender results in enhanced reputation, greater customer loyalty, improved turnover & profit and significantly more fulfilled staff.

Serving World-Class Drinks

There is no mystery to serving world class drinks. Whether you are charging £2.50 for a G&T in a local pub or charging £12.00 for a G&T in a 5-star hotel, there is no reason why the quality of the drink can't be the same. For example, if you order a Gordon's & Schweppes Tonic in both venues, the chances are that the main ingredients (Gordon's Gin, Schweppes Tonic, Ice, Lime Wedge) are going to be exactly the same. So, what makes one worth nearly 5 times as much as the other? This usually comes down to the drink preparation, style & serve and the attitude and professionalism of the bartender. In fact, these are all skills that can be easily integrated in to any pub, club or restaurant. So, if you want to give incredible value for money, a reason for your customers to keep returning and make sure that they are getting World Class Drinks for a fraction of the price, this is the course for you.

The Classic Cocktails Masterclass

The Classic Cocktail Masterclass is another of our cocktail courses, for anyone that has a passion for cocktail mixing. As bartenders, we are judged on our ability to produce the great classic cocktails. Every move we make, every question we ask reveals a level of passion and knowledge that projects the bartender's level of skill and professionalism. This course delves deep in to the great classic drinks (Martini, Manhattan, Old-Fashioned, Sidecar, Daiquiri and many others) looking at their history, evolution, mixing techniques, variations, etc. In addition, the course looks at the impact that spirit character and production can have on the delivery of a perfectly mixed classic and how we can use this knowledge to produce bespoke versions of the classics for discerning and passionate customers. This is a great course if you are looking to feed a true hunger for cocktail knowledge and skill.


For those that are looking for a course that you can study and complete at your own pace, around your own schedule, take a look at our comprehensive online cocktail course, Mix World Class Cocktails - Secrets of a Champion Mixologist. This extensive course gives you access to the same standards of cocktail and mixology training as our live courses and for a tiny fraction of the price. For further details and how to enrol click here.