Videos & Showreel

Paul has produced a variety of fun and educational cocktail mixing videos under both his own name and the title The MixxaAll of which can be found on his YouTube channel. Below, for your entertainment are some examples of the different Cocktail Video Series that Paul makes....... Enjoy!

Paul's Training Showreel

See a quick-fire selection from my training videos, DVD's and Keynote Talks... all in under 3 minutes!

How to make a  Great Mojito

'In this series I provide definitive instructions on how to make world-class versions of a range of contemporary classics. Here I tackle the Mojito.' - Paul

The Mixxa's 20 Second Cocktails - Long Island Iced Tea

'As a twice World Speed Cocktail Mixing record holder, I had always wanted to produce a series of rapid demonstration videos. This is an example of the sort of thing I had in mind. I felt the idea of creating a cocktail, with commentary in just 20-seconds, would be quite fun.... hopefully you agree.' - Paul

The Mixxa Mixes.... A Drambuie 15 Old-Fashioned

'These videos are more traditional in style. As a series I wanted to focus on producing delicious variations of classic cocktail recipes. In this example, the moment I was sent a bottle of the wonderful new Drambuie 15, I couldn't stop thinking about how it would taste as an Old-Fashioned variation. See what you think.' - Paul

The Mixxa vs Salvatore D'amico

'The idea behind The Mixxa vs.... came from wanting to pit my skills against those of my contemporaries outside of the formal surroundings of an official competition. As a consequence, I came up with the format whereby I would take on one of the UK's top mixologists in a head-to-head mixing of a specific cocktail of their choice. Thereafter, the judging would be done by a random selection of members of the public who would simply vote on which one they liked the best. The one with the most votes would be the winner. In this example, I take on Salvatore D'amico of the Cinnamon Club in London.' - Paul

The Mixxa Mixes.... Bacardi Oakheart 'Signed' Cocktail

'One of my lesser known skills is that I am fluent in BSL (British Sign Language). Over the years I have kept my sign-language and cocktail endeavours quite separate. However, it hasn't stopped my deaf friends from continually asking me why I never combine the two skills. So, having thought about it for some time I decided to produce a cocktail demonstration video with BSL interpreting performed by me too! And just in case you are wondering, both the people behind the bar are me!' - Paul